Tug Plug on Kids PaddleboardIt just might be.  Leave it to GromSUP, the only dedicated brand of kids sstand-up paddleboards on the market, to take this simple yet ingenious step forward.  At this moment you are probably asking yourself, “Tug Plug?  What am I missing here?  What’s a Tug Plug?”  It’s an easy solution to an annoying and potentially dangerous problem.  It’s a tool in your super-parent, fun-saving utility belt.  It’s a safety precaution.  And it’s a great idea compliments of the awesome groms that play on GromSUP kids standup paddle boards already.

In all the 2013 GromSUP Stokes we’ve added a deck plug in the nose of the board and included with each board a kayak-style handle.  The handle easily attaches to the kids paddle board creating a terrific anchor for a parent powered Tug-SUP to tie off to and tow the grom home.  After all, you never know when the winds will pick up, the currents will shift, or someone’s interest will run out, while out exploring with your kids.  Rather not use the handle, it un-loops and comes off as easy as it attaches.

We’re sure the kids will find plenty more creative ways to use the Tug Plug, and we look forward to continuing to improve our kids stand-up paddleboards with more grom-powered ideas!

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