The quest for a kids paddle board and the birth of GromSup UK

kids paddle board

Being a mum and a passionate watersports enthusiast I find that the time spent sharing a passion for watersports with your children is a wonderful way to connect, be active and stay healthy. My family windsurf together, surf, body board, kayak.. You name it we’ve tried it ! And then discovering the wonderful world of sup I knew that it was something I would want to share with my young ones, so the quest began.

We started off with the kids on my paddle board, this would last about 2 minutes before the ‘ can I have a go ‘ ‘my turn ‘ started then it was the ‘can I get my own board’ ‘can I, can I, can I ?? ’ At this point I’d never seen any kids out on their own sup boards I didn’t know if there even was such a thing as a kids paddle board so I began to research and yes sure enough at this point about a year ago some of the big brands were embracing the market with kids sup’s but to my amazement I couldnt believe that a youth board came out at the same price as a new adults board !! I mean really ! Every other watersport/sport on the planet (probably) has a child friendly equivalent and at a family friendly price, you don’t expect to get a quality piece of kit cheap but not at the cost of an fully technical adult piece of equipment.

What I was looking for was quite simply a board designed for kids, light and easy to carry (I can only carry one board at a time…carry your own please !) designed for flat water and surf, stable, fun and affordable. Not too much to ask but actually yes, it appeared the only thing that came close was an option to buy a wave board, smaller than an adult board yes but not necessarily cheaper, although there are more options available for second hand. We took a couple out for demo and found that although they are smaller in size to the adult range they are just not built for flat water paddling and the kids ended up paddling in circles or zigzagging down the river looking grouchy and unsatisfied. So here’s where GromSup comes into play, after hours of research I found the perfect children’s stand up paddle board, only problem…only in the US ! Great design, great price, an absolute fortune to ship over therefore not fulfilling the affordable prerequisite. The decision was made there and then, the UK needs GromSup’s in the paddle board market, as it stands I am now the sole distributor for GromSup kids paddle boards in the UK.

GromSUP’s co-founders, Ian Danielson and Eric Back, have been playing on boards of all sorts for their whole lives; be it a skate, snow, wake or surfboard, they love them all.  So of course, as the phenomenon that is SUP swept through their beaches, they were quick to jump on board!  Beyond being friends and board-sport enthusiasts, Ian and Eric run an online sales and distribution company focused on kids outdoor recreation.  It didn’t take long for the two friends to develop a youth stand up paddle board that fit a glaring hole in the sport: high-quality construction, kid specific design, and youth appropriate price point.  Today, GromSUP boards are available in water sports stores in eleven different states of the US, as well as directly online through and now available in the UK, there is new stock arriving soon and Santa has a few reserved already so get in quick, email for details or to reserve your kids paddle board, delivery in time for xmas !

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