Great news for The Wave Project Dorset

As a Dorset resident, watersports enthusiast, mum and local businesswoman I fully support and am thrilled to see the news that the Wave Project in Dorset has received the financial backing it so deserves to continue its amazing efforts for the next three years  and hopefully further. 
The Wave Project is a not-for-profit organisation that provides surfing courses for amazing young people, helping to focus on the positive things in life.

It is a fantastic way to help young people in the area with a scheme through referral that builds on the strong link between mental and emotional wellbeing and physical activity. Its therapy that ” doesnt feel like therapy ” and works towards promoting confidence and reducing anxiety through surfing !! 
Wave Project Ethos : 
“Our ethos is to be totally client-led. The role of the surf mentor is to encourage and enable, not to push clients towards an arbitrary goal. We have found that this approach reduces anxiety and allows clients to feel empowered, enabling them to overcome challenges and develop a sense of pride in their achievements.”
Surfing on prescription…..Fantastic !! 
Full news report here:
More details on the project in Dorset and other counties in the UK :

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