10 Reasons to get your kids into Paddleboading!  Part 2

Continued from 10 Reasons to get your kids into Paddleboading!  Part 1

6 Perspective

Children get to experience the water from new perspective when on a paddle board, from standing they can see so much more across a greater surface area.  Unlike some other watersports they will be able to see fish and wildlife from a unique vantage point and spot waves coming on the horizon…. Any new ways to help our kids to connect with nature has to be a good thing !

7 Intro to Watersports and Surfing

As learning to paddleboard is straight forward and not too technical it’s just fun from the get go, what a great way to introduce children to watersports as a whole.  Balance, confidence and safety on the water can be taught quickly and without much technical training or equipment to learn about, all transferable skills they can take with them onto other sports.  Kids can carry their own board down to the water and head out with no fiddly or heavy equipment to manoeuvre and as their confidence grows they will no doubt be trying to catch waves and start surfing, they will be able to catch smaller waves quicker with more time to make the first section and allowing for longer rides !

8 Races and club meets

Sup is the fastest growing watersport in the world at the moment, races and club meeting are popping up all over the place.  2014 has seen more races than ever including a youth/junior category for varying ages and abilities.  It’s a great opportunity to meet friends and other like-minded kids and give them something to work towards, there is nothing like a bit of healthy competitiveness to drive a kid off the couch and into the water !

9 Family time

Time spent enjoying a shared activity can only help to build both strong bodies and family bonds.  Kids grow up before we know it and sharing a passion for any activity can help bring the family together whilst being healthy and having a good time.

10 It’s FUN !!!

Simple really stand up paddling is just awesome fun !  If you or your child have not tried it yet, give it a go…. You’ll soon see what all the fuss is about !!

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