10 Reasons to get your kids into Paddleboarding!  Part 1

kids paddle board

1 Easy to Learn

Learning to sup takes a minimal amount of balance ability to get going, something that comes easily to most kids, they won’t need hours of lessons to get on the water and have a good time.  Kids paddle boards are very buoyant making the first few times out a mostly dry affair and learning on flat water makes it super easy to get back on again should the go in and we all know falling off is all part of the fun !!

2 Do it Anywhere

Basically if it’s wet they can sup it !  Lakes, rivers, the ocean, bays, even swimming pools or the bath (yeah, a really big bath !).  Kids are supping on white water, in the surf; it’s a totally versatile sport to get into, helping to keep the enthusiasm alive.

3 Equipment available

Because of the popularity of the sport across the generations there are options available now more than ever for suitable equipment for kids by way of specifically designed youth paddle boards, most of the leading brands offer a child friendly board with a shorter length and soft deck pad varying in cost from a GromSup at around £400 to a Fanatic at around £700.  There are kids adjustable paddles available with carbon and aluminium paddles being the best for a lightweight option prices starting around £50.  No excuse, get them out on the water…. Get em their own Sup!

4 Healthy Living

It’s a well-known fact that getting kids out in the fresh air for exercise and fun helps them lead a happier healthy lifestyle.  It encourages them to develop into the watersports enthusiasts of the future !  and we all know they are the most active, most healthy, the envy of their friends and the world’s next generation of most excellent citizens !

5 Posture Development

Core strength is not just important for adults; children need to have a good foundation of strength in their core too, helping to develop their skills in balance, endurance and bilateral coordination.  As children become more interested in video games, television and as academic demands become more intense in the classroom these skills become even more important to promote healthy child development.

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